Grateful w/ Kezia Fleming  

So today, we bring you Chicago Native, Kezia (Key-Ze-A) Fleming. This woman is living out her goals and dreams as an Esthetician and not letting anything hold her back. She was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer a few years back and was told she may only have 6 months to live. Here is how this young lady defied the odds and how she is truly dreaming without limits. To reach out to Kezia: http://instagram.com/kezia_fanci

A tribute to my Mother and Survivors everywhere! 

This is a special episode during Breast Cancer Awareness month honoring my mother and mothers, aunts, and anyone battling with (or who have battled with) breast cancer. Hope you all enjoy!

Why I want you to live out your dreams! Please Read!  

So let me make this Clear! Crystal Clear!

I know you get bombarded with all the fake and stupid motivational quotes, tags, and all kinds of stuff daily. 

It kind of sucks. Why? Because they don't know your struggle. They don't know what you have been through! Maybe those people have millions of dollars and it is pretty easy for them to say, "Be Great Today!" "Never Give Up!" And even an infamous, "YOLO" or two. 

But the truth is...

You are probably wrong about these people. They probably were near death just… Read more

Love The Skin You Are In w/ Ade Hassan  

On this episode we sit down with the creator of Nubian Skin. This company is doing something really awesome for women of colour. Enjoy! The Brand A nude bra and skin tone hosiery are the basics of every woman’s wardrobe, at least in theory. However, for many women of colour, finding suitable skin-tone hosiery and lingerie has not been an option. Nubian Skin aspires to be the brand women of colour can turn to when they need to find that Nubian Skin launches with a carefully edited collection of lingerie… Read more

Everyone can't quit their job and follow their dreams... 

Everyone can't quit their job and follow their dreams. At least so I thought. 
Until I did it last year around June. 
And it sure was humbling. 
From crashing on couches to being down to the last meal. 
Everything has been a sacrifice. 
The funny thing is you work more when you are working for yourself! 
But, it has all been worth it! 
The love and the support. 
The prayers and blessings. 
Now people are telling me they have a little more inspiration to make it to another day! 
Now people are starting to tell me how… Read more

Purpose Driven Friday's Pt. 3 w/ Ron Cook  

Passion, Purpose, and Entrepreneurship all gets discussed on this episode of Dream Without Limits Radio! Can my hobby become my full time or is it just a hobby? How does entrepreneurship help you find your true self and calling? Tune in to another great episode. A little bit about Ron Cook Entrepreneur, educator, author, investor and drummer. Certified Financial Social Work Educator. Entertainment Chair for the American Cancer Society in Central Florida. Accomplished and entertaining public speaker.… Read more

Behind the Scenes w/ Michael Coleman 

Now this company is always going behind the scenes to give you the scoop with what is happening with popular movies. From Need for Speed to the Hobbit you can always bet to get the insider look of how the sound and visuals all came to life. But today, we get to bring on the creator of Soundworks and listen in to how he put it altogether. For more information from Soundworks Collection visit, http://soundworkscollection.com

An Obsession for Greatness w/ Mr Shut Up And Train 

Special Episode dropping today with Mr. Rahman "Ray" Grayson. We talked about being obsessed with your dreams. How his moment of being injured was his wake up call to make a change in his own life and truly shape the world around them! Tune in for another great "SPECIAL" episode of DWL Radio. Read a little bit about Mr. Rahman below: CEO and President of AEIM Fitness. Atlanta Personal Trainer. Life Coach and so much more. Mr Rahman Grayson is all about the building of self-esteem. Ray provides… Read more

Vulnerability X Earn Your Armor X The why behind the show 

On this episode of Dream Without Limits Radio I open up and keep things super vulnerable. I talk about earning your armor/stripes, why this show means so much to me, and how each episode truly impacts and changes life for me as well as the listener. I don't think there is a description good enough to really capture this episode you just have to listen on your own. Don't forget that all of this is brought to you by Foolies Limited Clothing. Visit, http://thefoolies.com.

How 1MC is impacting the Social Media Streets w/ Kimberly Wallace 

Kimberly Wallace the social media editor for the Kauffman Foundation sits down on another quick episode of Dream Without Limits Radio! We talk about the awesome presence that the 1MC community is having on the social media and she also touches on the amazing things being built in Kansas City. We talk about a moment of failure in her life that she learned from and her least favorite Jelly Bean! I also give my final wrap up of the weekend and what the 1MC community is really about! Follow Kimberly on… Read more


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