The Power of Failure 

Today, is great! Episode 60!! We bring to the stage; Daniel Pimentel. Daniel Pimentel is Director of Marketing for the non-profit organization “U R Awesome,” Marketing Coordinator for Graduate Programs at Florida International University, an active communications researcher and graphic designer, Ph.D. student at The University of Florida, and former TEDx Speaker. Daniel has a passion for writing, dark coffee, and roots reggae. Photo Credit: Amor Capdevilla Visit, http://www.danpimentel.com/

Paying Your Dues 

Wondering if you are the only starting from the bottom? Listen to the stories of a few friends of mines as we talk on the subject. Trust the Process. You won't be paying dues forever. Opening of show: Jude Alcide, Nadia Alcide, and Jasmine Felton. 12:15: Kaleb and Elaine Jimenez Hope you all enjoy!

Finding Balance  

Bio: Morgan DeBaun is the CEO and co-founder of Blavity, a startup building apps and products for black millennials who are pushing the boundaries of culture. Morgan also consults with a variety of startups and brands targeting influential multi-cultural audiences. She is a former product manager at Intuit and currently lives in San Francisco. Phrase: The future belongs to those who prepare for it today - Malcolm X Do You Want More?!? Visit, http://www.blavity.com/


Should I stay? Should I go? What choice is going to be best for my future? For my dreams, goals, and aspirations? On this episode we shed some light on it all! Opening of Show: Allison Clifton Johnson: 7:27 Brian Hensley: 12:48 Brandon Maxwell: 18:51 Contacts from those who had them: Allison Maccumbee @alliemacXO Clifton Johnson @texasmusiq Brandon Maxwell @transmax

Graduated and Unemployed 

Tune in to another episode of Dream Without Limits Radio. Graduated and Unemployed was the topic for the day, but this podcast would benefit any age group (especially our middle and high school students). You definitely want to share THIS episode. Some great words of wisdom touched this episode and I would suggest not skipping over this episode even if you think the "title" doesn't appeal to you. Dane Lofters: Opening of Show Tivia Rouland: 9:55 Doug Knight: 15:26 Kristin Fulwylie: 20:33 Nakita… Read more

Step Yo Game Up 

On this episode I bring new friends and old friends together to talk about how we can Step Our Game Up in the New Year! Guests: Vernon Foster: Opening of Show Francita Williams: 11:54 Mike Felix: 22:07 Vanessa Goodwin: 32:24 Edwyna Hill: 52:34 Hope you guys enjoy the episode! Links from those who had links to share: Francita Williams: http://www.behance.net/FrancitaWilliams Vernon Foster: http://eventsupremacy.com/ Mike Felix: Eyenamic Designs http://eyenamicdesigns.com/

Living Out Your Dreams 

Episode 54: Why aren't more people living out their goals and dreams? Goals for 2015: 1. Inspiring 10,000 Millennials to live out their goals and dreams. 2. Push our listeners from dreaming to doing! 3. Shape the lives of dreamers throughout the US and then from there touching the people around the Globe! Friends on the episode: Jonel Edwards Daniel Allen Roberta Roberts Kimberly Gant Alton Edmond

Daphne Valcin  

On this episode of Dream Without Limits Radio we give you the inside to the woman who has been wanting to change the world from the very first day she could think of it. A life coach, a wife, a leader, believer, and a woman of great compassion! Before I give away too much, hit the play button! And, if you would like to reach out to Daphne you can visit, http://daphnevalcin.com/

Dr. Denise Mose  

On this amazing episode of Dream Without Limits Radio we talk about how accidents can happen and lead you into your dreams. Dr. Denise Mose is an amazing soul and through being in the right place at the right time it led her into a career of being a Celebrity Journalist. I really don't want to give it all away so you have to tune into the episode! Follow your Dreams at hand because you never know when a window will open up for you at the right time!

Joe Johnson Speaks  

Today's Topic: Our youth! How can we push them to live a life filled with purpose?!?! Tune in to another amazing episode of Dream Without Limits Radio! Joe Johnson understands the meaning of struggle but has lived with a mentality instilled in him by his mother, " I can do and be anything I want in life".  Johnson learned the value of education from both parents but as he began his love for sports at an early age, his focus with competing on the football field and basketball court caused him to develop a… Read more


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