Why Do We Worry? 

Why do we worry when we all know that everything will be okay in the end!?!? Every single time we get all bent out of shape. We are in tears, Frustrated, Losing sleep, and so many more things that happen when we get worried. The biggest thing is letting this worry and fear jeopardize our health. Now that needs to stop! Even though we never want our friends to be worried or down we sit around moping while going through… Read more

Breaking Bad: 4 ways to secure your financial freedom 

This is what my friends had to say after asking a bunch of them what they think should stop spending money on? 1. Stop eating fast food. While fast food may be fast, it is not the best. I don't need to elaborate. We lean to this resource so easily, but our laziness will cost us. Stop it with the fast food. Meal prep before a week begins and be deliberate about each and every meal… Read more

Master Blog: You have the power to do whatever it is you want in life  

Re-read that title one more time before beginning to read this piece. Yes, you have that power. But, what does it take to allow that power to manifest? Here are a few thoughts to get you to manifest that power and be great. I will keep this short and sweet for all of you who like to skim through blogs.Short hand version:1. You need a Justice League.Keep a team of… Read more

3 lessons to help us get over making mistakes 

Making mistakes can be an extremely beautiful and life changing process. Strange to say, but it is really a truthful statement. There is so much magic that comes from making mistakes and so much growth that comes from it all as well. In most cases mistakes can and will hurt, but it is what we do after is what is most important. But, since I know everyone will hold on to their mistakes and… Read more

Shadow Day: 7 Things I learned from the Orlando Sentinel  

I got to sit down and shadow the Social Media Producer for the Orlando Sentinel yesterday. Besides discussing all the geeked out things such as analytics, engagement, and what social media platforms are best for running your business. I also got extremely valuable information from editors, writers, and other specialists in the journalism industry! First off, I have never shadowed… Read more

Dream. Act. Live. Do: My personal letter to the dreamer 

(Photo Credit: www.offbeatworlds.com) Our dreams come from the darkest and deepest parts of our soul. They are usually in a cold, dark, and lonely place. As we age those dream seeds get planted and begin to sprout. You see, these dreams you have are similar to a portrait being developed in a dark room. They cannot be exposed to too much light or else they will be ruined, nor can… Read more

Start Taking Your Own Advice  

In my life I have experienced a few weird things. I will not name all of them, but one in particular happens to be the concept of giving advice. So you may be asking what is so“weird” about giving advice? Well, I am glad you asked.Whether it is motivation through social media or a phone conversation I find that people who love to give advice tend to be very bad at taking their OWN advice (Even if it is… Read more

Stop talking yourself out of your dreams 

Your dreams are the most important thing you will ever have. I thoroughly believe if you have a dream you should carry it out. Don’t get it confused. Every dream doesn’t have to revolve around creating your own business or going to a fancy university. A dream could involve your leisure activities or something out of the ordinary.   A dream can involve anything that you can wrap… Read more

14 Things You should be doing with Social Media in 2014 

1.  BE SOCIAL!!Why are we on Social Media being ANTI-Social? It makes absolutely no sense to me. If you are on Social Media then you should talk to the people you follow. Jump in a conversation, make a joke, or throw some motivation someones way! They just may need your tender tweet to get them through the day! They call it SOCIAL media and yet people don't have an iota of a clue… Read more

Be Willing To Go Alone! 

Be willing to go alone! Everyone will not be able to go on the journey of greatness with you! You will have to drop some people off along the way. It may be sad for some, but it is the truth. Year after year, we pack on dead weight. People who don't need to be there. Things that don't need to be there. We make promises to ourselves and then let ourselves down. But, it is because we always think we have to bring… Read more

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