The blame game: The deadly game we play 

Some people will never own up to their own mistakes. They will complain about the weather being an issue, they will mention how the stars weren't aligned, how the test was way too hard, and any other reason they can think of to make sure they deflect problems that they have ultimately brought upon themselves. 

Sometimes we have to admit when we are the problem. Time to take ownership of a few things in our life. Time to take these lessons and reposition ourselves for greatness. While we may be part of the… Read more

Be Happy That You Aren't Flawless 

This morning at 6:40ish I started watching the Price of Shame by Monica Lewinsky. Yep, you know the name very well. She talks about the price of shame. And after a decade of silence, she is just starting to speak up again. 

You see, she made a mistake in early 20s. And that mistake costed her a whole lot. People judged her and ridiculed her and she was made the poster girl for every rapper who wanted to use some kind of joke about getting off or getting head from a white woman, or just a woman in general. 

Read more

If you are looking for a sign, this is it! 

The biggest misconception of life is that you have this insurmountable amount of time to do whatever it is you like. Isn't it strange? Strange for you to actually think that you have all this collected amount of time to do whatever it is your heart desires. 

Where is the hard boiled egg...Or is that the hard truth? Ehhh, whatever the phrase may be...Here it is!! 


Yes, this is me yelling from the heart and soul of my inner Ninja Turtle. Yes, I am a Ninja… Read more

Tribute to DJ Diesel: Gone, but you will not be forgotten 

Yesterday, a good friend and teammate passed away. This morning I think it all hit me as people really started to learn about the series of events. Dujuan was his name, and DJ-ing was his game. If anyone was living out his dreams, or trying to get there it was definitely this guy. A clown, a jokester, and just an individual was always trying to have a good time and who wanted to make sure that others had a good time as well. But most importantly, he was just a guy trying to make sure everyone would have a… Read more

4 Ways to create more opportunity in your life 

Opportunities won't always come knocking. Until you build your own door. 
- Me   So here is the skinny, you have been doing all the wrong things and hoping to get something out of it. I want to teach you in a few easy steps how to open up more opportunities in your life. 

1. Give More. 
You have been going to networking events, socials, mixers, and organizations hoping that the job offers, and the many nuggets of gold would fall into your lap. You didn't see those opportunities so you stop being… Read more

The New Movement: Accountability  

Do you have people holding you accountable for your goals and dreams?
Do you have someone you can lean on for ideas and ways to grow yourself? 
Do you hold anyone accountable for where they are going in their lives?
Have you sat down with your closest friends in the last week or so...What was discussed? Your futures? Or, what you are doing for the weekend? What girl you were chasing? What guy you were chasing?
Fruit can be produced in our lives from having accountability partners. Dependable ones as well.… Read more

Don't Let Your Talent's Go To Waste 

Simple and plain. If you don't use the talents you are given, then you will certainly use them. The thing is with "talent" people think more about singing, dancing, and other things of artistic nature. In my opinion a talent is something you can do that others cannot. For me, I am not good with cars. I know nothing about them and find myself rather helpless at times. Now, I am not completely clueless (for any hot women who may be reading this), but it is not my area of expertise. 

But, if you want to ask me… Read more

The Arts of Orlando: Dr Phillips x Pilobolus  

Captured by sound. 
Amazed by the grace and poise of the dancers. 
Stunned by the lighting and all its glory.
Laughed and was pushed to think while watching mini commercials in between sets.
To say I had an amazing time would be a mere understatement. 

My spine tingled, my artistic feelers were twiddling, as I was engulfed in it all. I imagined myself in the middle of the show and forgot that there was an audience in front of me and behind me. 

It was a morph of different worlds all colliding, but yet… Read more

4 Myths about changing the world 

Morning Quote: "Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men." - Johann Wolgang von Goethe
1. Everyone wasn't put here to change the world. 

Not sure where this notion came from, but it exists. Everyone has the power and ability to make a change. It can be in local government, the block you live on, the school you attend, and the list of places go on and on. Just depends on what changing the world means for them. 

2. How can I change the world when I am broke?

You would be… Read more

Too Busy? Read this 

With only 20 minutes to write this blog before I head on to Easter Sunday service (So, I am leaving my house at 6:45 am), I received a blog/newsletter post from Chris Brogan this morning. Chris talked about how everyone is "SO Busy!" How everyone thinks that because of their busy-ness (if that is a word) it will lead to them possibly doing more. Or, they are afraid to "MISS OUT" so they try to be as busy as possible. 

So what is the real purpose of this post...Well, that email from Chris hit my inbox at 4:05… Read more


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