Tough Enough: 3 things learned from Patrick Clark Jr  

(Photo Credit: USA Network. For educational purposes only)
Patrick sent to the bottom three. 
The irony as he even mentioned during the "tough talk" session with the Miz. 

But, I am not sure what happened to me mentally. I was heart broken. On the drive home tears filled my eyes. 

I imagine that I saw myself in this kid. 19 years old. Living out his dreams. At 19 I had big dreams, but I let the people around me squash that. Worst mistake ever. I listened to others who said I couldn't do it. I settled… Read more

Are you really ready for your prayers to be answered? 

We pray for a lot of things to happen to us in our lives. We pray for more money, to get over certain health issues, and the list of prayers go on and on. I am sure all over the world prayers are being belted out as we speak.

God always has a plan for you. But, it will not be easy. There is a quote that is misused that says, "God won't put more on you than you can bear." Sorry to say it, but that is not true. He is actually going to test you and push you in certain areas to see you grow stronger in your… Read more

The word of the week: Discipline  

The word of the week (with a play on words, it could be the word FOR the weak as well): Discipline. I want a lot of things, but that is the key ingredient to 99% of it all. The stronger the discipline the tougher things will get, but the rewards will surpass these fleeting tough moments I am sure.

It is so easy to look at the moments you are going through and ask why? Or complain, or not even be thankful for them as they happen. As the discipline improves the results will be there.

Take today to look at… Read more

Download my free E-Book 

I think i wrote this about a year ago, and I just wanted to make sure you had it! I had a lot of awesome people help me with art and the editing and I just took a bunch of ideas, blogs, facebook statuses from my past, and really fine tuned some things that had been on my minds for months. 

You can click the photo, and or click here to download your Free E book

While this isn't my first book, I just know that someone once told me I could never publish a book, and then I did it. Let no one tell you what you… Read more

5 dope resources for future social entrepreneurs 

First off, you don't know Marissa Germain then you need to get with the program! This woman is phenomenal! So phenomenal that she let me stea--I mean borrow, some awesome resources for the Social Entreprenuership scene. She has a blog called the Millennial Takeover and after you read this blog you should definitely check out her work!

Courage and a healthy disregard for the word “impossible” are the fuel of dreamers and idea creators. But once you’ve conjured up that 100 million dollar idea, how do you get… Read more

My macbook died the other day, but here is what I learned 

So, I only have like ten minutes to blog this  to  you guys so here it is. My  MacBook  has been acting up for the past few days after downloading a new OS X called Yosemite. 

Not sure why, but here is what it has taught me: 

1. Use your time wisely. 
2. Even though things seem okay, never be comfortable. 
3. Back up your hard drive. You just never know when things will go crazy on you. (Sounds like a life quote). 
4. Never take the things that you use everyday for granted. You know how much you need it when… Read more

You are missing the point 

There are always two sides of every coin. 
We prefer heads, so we never pay attention to tails...

Unless, it is tales from the media. 
One sided knowledge fixed to gain views and clicks. 

The best way to break us down is to DIVIDE. 
Once happily DIVIDED you can be CONQUERED. 

It is simple math. 
So simple that you miss it. 

So here is what happens: 
Situation occurs. 
Media takes out its biased paint brush. 
Because we don't know what TRUE ART is from a Knock Off we take itas face value. 

Then we start to point fingers… Read more

You Need 2 Focus 

We need to keep our eyes on the prize. No more letting self-doubt seep in. No more letting distractions in. And when I say distractions I don't mean ignoring phone calls from friends and family because you are 'grinding." The distractions that I am referring to involves people who DON"T care anything about you, but yet you allow them to take up so much of your time. 

Time to focus. Get back to who you once were. This brilliant soul. This soul that was filled with life. You let a negative relationship throw… Read more

The blame game: The deadly game we play 

Some people will never own up to their own mistakes. They will complain about the weather being an issue, they will mention how the stars weren't aligned, how the test was way too hard, and any other reason they can think of to make sure they deflect problems that they have ultimately brought upon themselves. 

Sometimes we have to admit when we are the problem. Time to take ownership of a few things in our life. Time to take these lessons and reposition ourselves for greatness. While we may be part of the… Read more

Be Happy That You Aren't Flawless 

This morning at 6:40ish I started watching the Price of Shame by Monica Lewinsky. Yep, you know the name very well. She talks about the price of shame. And after a decade of silence, she is just starting to speak up again. 

You see, she made a mistake in early 20s. And that mistake costed her a whole lot. People judged her and ridiculed her and she was made the poster girl for every rapper who wanted to use some kind of joke about getting off or getting head from a white woman, or just a woman in general. 

Read more


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