Joe Johnson Speaks  

Today's Topic: Our youth! How can we push them to live a life filled with purpose?!?! Tune in to another amazing episode of Dream Without Limits Radio! Joe Johnson understands the meaning of struggle but has lived with a mentality instilled in him by his mother, " I can do and be anything I want in life".  Johnson learned the value of education from both parents but as he began his love for sports at an early age, his focus with competing on the football field and basketball court caused him to develop a… Read more

Gigi Moorman - Raise Your Glass  

On today's episode, we bring on Gigi Moorman! Powerhouse, thought leader and game changer! Tune into the 50th Episode of DWLR and see what this young lady is doing to shake up the Orlando Community and the world! About Raise Your Glass Raise Your Glass Promotions is dedicated to producing custom events that always EXCEED expectations. Our team is committed to introducing new event concepts designed to increase not only your Circle of Networking but also your Circle of Giving in Orlando. Raise Your Glass… Read more

Tony Conrad - About.Me 

Founder of about.me, Partner True Ventures, Holder of Serious Parking Karma & Drip Coffee Skills, Known Animal Whisperer, Wannabe Surfer! On this episode we talked about the heart of entrepreneurship. We touched on some of Tony's experience and why he does what he does in his industry today! Listen in to why there should be more entrepreneurs on the earth!

What happens when you decide to LIVE 

You will not see what you do not wish to see.
You will stay STUCK in your situation as long as you ALLOW your eyes to be closed. 
When will you actually decide to LIVE? 
Do the things that you were truly designed for? 
Your life was meant for far more than you would have bargained for. 
Are you closing your ears to the truth?
You know what is going on around you and you have the power to lift yourself out of the situation,
but you like this feeling...
You like being helpless, and staying in your negative… Read more

Toshia Shaw  

Life Coach. Entrepreneur. Mother. The titles go on and on. Listen in to Ms. Shaw's story on how she turned a few tragic moments in her life into an extraordinary story! About Toshia: Toshia Shaw, MBA is a behavioral health expert and author that has coached women through drug addiction, sexual assault, abuse and other traumatic experiences that shape the way they view themselves and the world around them. She is the Founder and Executive Director of Purple W.I.N.G.S., a 501 c (3) multicultural nonprofit… Read more

I pray that if you read this...It does what it needs to do 

​So I never know who may be reading. I never know who is actually checking this stuff out. I am not going to lie, sometimes it feels as if I am just sending out random thoughts in the wind. 

I mean even Gmail changed. What does that mean for me? Well, it means that this post will probably hit someones "promotions" box and they may never even know that I am sending them out words of encouragement. 

But, for the few who do get the chance to read these emails I just want you to know that you are loved and… Read more

Michele Badie - Career Tipper  

On this episode we talk about the beginning of Career Tipper. A blog dedicated to motivating people to do bigger and better things in their professional career. Listen to Michele as she describes her journey into professional blogging! About Michele Michele Badie is a career confidence speaker and business development professional that has a diverse background of working for different national and international companies in various industries such as beauty, education, and retail.

Conquering Tough Challenges 

Challenges are going to hit us every day. They are going to be our best friends when we are trying to be better at life. Whenever we aren't doing something worth thinking about challenges never arise, but the moment we try to pursue greatness challenges seems to find us every time. 

So how does one keep pushing through?

1. Faith
2. Consistency
3. Remove your options. 

I think the first two speak for themselves...the last one is a little different. 

So you have two options I believe in everything you do. You can… Read more

Shea Glenny - Orlando's Big Exchange  

Today, me and Shea bring you a pop-up episode! We want to let you know about this amazing event known as Big-Exchange starting tomorrow! Enjoy the quick episode! Let's awaken a collective spirit of entrepreneurship across our city and encourage everyone to bring their unique gifts to the table. We call out to thinkers, makers, artists and educators of all types to collaborate together and see what entrepreneurship is all about. The week's events include a Monday Kickoff, livestreamed and action-oriented… Read more

Tracy Timberlake  

About Tracy Timberlake: I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur, so basically I am all over the place, and I LOVE IT!!! I am a writer, a life coach, a youtuber, blogger, a singer, a business woman, a teacher, a learner, spiritual junkie and a lover of all things shiny! On this episode we talk about being a professional vlogger and how this young lady is truly using her makeup platform to shake up and inspire the masses! If you want to stay in touch with Tracy and learn more, visit:… Read more


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